Annabelle Hazard

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Annabelle Hazard

Owner and manager of Les Jardins d’Anaïs

Annabelle Hazard is owner and manager, together with her partner Pascal Soutiran, of 2 Hotels Restaurants: Les Jardins d’Anaïs in Luxembourg and Les Grains d’Argent in Champagne in France.

Born in Champagne and living just a few meters from the first rows of vines, since her childhood she has acquired the culture of excellence by practice and obesrvation. Working in the vineyards and learning how to make a great champagne required inspiration and know-how, passion and patience.
From her mother, she received the art of hospitality, altruism, the pleasure of taking care of others and of welcoming people into her home.

Her family life, a true source of inspiration, showed her the direction in which she was going to be able to blossom and make a career.
After her studies, Annabelle began her professional life in London, working with Joël Robuchon for 8 years. She then joined the Bollinger Champagne House as Brand Ambassador, before becoming manager and owner of Les Grains d’Argent and Les Jardins d’Anaïs in 2018, with Pascal Soutiran.

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